Homegrown Spotlight

The ALT Homegrown Spotlight, powered by Sweetwater Studios, is here.

We are showcasing some of Fort Wayne’s finest, and playing songs every Thursday and Sunday evening at 7pm.  You never know who will be the next big thing, but you’ll get a first listen on ALT 102.3.

In a local band? Know a local band? Here’s how to be heard on ALT 102.3.


– Bands must currently reside in the Fort Wayne metropolitan area.

– Submissions should be sent to homegrown@alt1023fm.com.

– Submission packages must include:

* band or artist name
* brief bio and high resolution photo (not in excess of 3mb)
* song download link in WAV format.  Sorry, no attachments!
* songs must be CLEAN (no profanity)

– You may submit download links for up to three songs in the submission email.

– One submission email per band

Here are the latest bands who have been on the ALT Homegrown Spotlight.

Zachary Ochsner
Bobby Dellarocco

Rogues & Bandits

Jupiter in July
Weird Flex

Calder The Band

David Jax

The Paper Heart

Austin & The Avenue

The Essentials
Waiting For Daisy

Middle Names
Uncl3 Luk3
Secret Garden Arcade


Peach Tree

My Dance Romance

Exterminate All Rational Thought
Best Sleep
Tuesday Atlas

Benjamin Tarr


The Kickbacks

Love Hustler
My Soul’s Revolution


Heaven’s Gateway Drugs

Fields and Fortresses

Puzzle Pieces
El Camino Hot Tub
Chrome Leeches
Strange Waters

Damon Mitchell

Blue Wave

Uncle Muscle

O’ Sister, Brother
Girl Colors

The Snarks
Anna Faye

Calder The Band

Adam Baker & The Heartache
My Dog Junior


March On, Comrade
Horizon Arcs
The Be Colony
Secret Mezzanine
James and the Drifters
Rosalind & The Way

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